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PayPal donations can be made to Donations.AlamoCityPitBull@gmail.com.

Checks can be made out to “Alamo City Pit Bull Rescue” and mailed to:


P.O. Box 592978

San Antonio, TX


100% of the donations go directly to our medical and boarding dogs care. Currently, we have:

June- We pulled this baby from the shelter and she looked like this :( We started her on Ivermectin to treat the mange, but learned that she was severely allergic. We are currently treating with a couple other forms, but unfortunately, she has flare ups and loses her hair. Slowly but surely, we are getting it under control with the help of our amazing vets!


Paisley, Minnie & Riley:  These babies were dumped on the woods when they were 6 weeks old. We started noticing hair loss and took them to the vet and learned that it was demodex mange.


Blue: This love bug was found with an industrial sized chain around his neck which weighed more than him, no food, no water, no shelter, in the 105 degree heat. The Bexar County Sheriffs released him to us where we rished him to the vet to learn that he was extremely heart worm positive, but also the worst case of hookworm and anemia that the vet had seen in 25 years. Currently, blue has gained 30lbs and is undergoing his last month of heart worm treatment!


Toro: Toro was found huddled in a corner of a bar downtown. Our volunteers lured him into the car with food and we learned that he was very heart worm positive, had lacerations and scarring all over his body and had 3 different types of worms! Toro is undergoing heartworm treatment.


Penny: We saw this angel in the kill shelter and we fell in love. She was hit by a car and no one stopped to help her, so she lay unable to move on the side of the access road to the highway. We pulled her from the shelter and rushed her to the vet only to be devastated to learn that not only was her bone broken in 4 places, but it was completely shattered and the only option was to have it amputated. Penny is recovering well and adjusting to life as a tri-pod.


Bailey:  We found this girl on the side of the road pregnant. We had her deliver and wean her pups and then we discovered that she had mange and she was heart worm positive. Bailey is undergoing heartworm treatment.


Sweetie & Mae: These girls have been in boarding for several months because we haven’t had a foster step up :( Currently, we pay $20/day to board them, so anything helps!

DSC_4924 DSC_5043

Dolce: We pulled Dolce from the kill shelter and learned that she had heart worms. We treated her for it, but then her foster situation didn’t work out, so we had to place her in boarding. Currently, she has been there 2 months and it is $10/day!

Dolce and Nadim-1

Demi: We pulled Demi from the kill shelter and she had nothing but blood and scabs all over her from severe demodex mange! She is currently undergoing treatment.


Scarlett, Bennett, Mac and Marley: These 4 have had it ROUGH. They were born in a kill shelter and their mama was a fighting dog confiscated from a fighting ring by SAPD. In order to save them, we had to transport them to Colorado. While in Colorado, they came down with Parvo and we treated them there, but the foster situation didn’t work out, so we went back up to get them! Once we got back, they got dehydrated again and were hospitalized again! 2 of them were in boarding for a month in addition to that. It is our biggest bill to date totaling over $3,500.

DSC_5051 DSC_5065

Aspen:  This love bug was tied to a tree in a bad part of town and left without food or water. A good Samaritan called us and we rushed over because no food and water in 105 degree heat means trouble. Aspen had demodex mange and is currently undergoing treatment.


Jackie + 6 puppies: We got a call from our vet about a mama dog and 6 babies. We planned a rescue and in two days were able to safely capture mama and all 6 babies! Jackie, who we named because she was in the Jack in the Box parking lot, is a strong heart worm positive. Puppies are healthy minus some skin issues which we are treating.