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My name is Jolie! I am the co-founder of this awesome rescue and the Treasurer/Medical Coordinator. My love for animals goes back for as long as I can remember. When I was 5 years old I rescued my first cat, Muffin. When I was 7 years old I had rescued/caught so many species of animals, bugs, reptiles, birds etc. that I opened my own “zoo”. I charged $1.50 admission to enter my room and observe all my creatures. (My parents were exempt from the admission fee.) Once the snake got out of its cage, never to be found, the zoo was shut down.

That’s where it all started for me! Still to this day I cannot see an animal in need and walk away. Pit Bulls are so misunderstood and it breaks my heart to see the ever growing numbers that are put down each year. It is a duty of mine to help people understand the amazing characteristics of the Pitbull and break the negative stigma that surrounds them. The Pit Bull breed is not a mean animal unless humans (the meanest animal there is) turns them into such a thing against their will. Personally I have 4 rescued dogs and usually 1-3 fosters hanging out at my home. I also have 2 daughters and an amazing husband – who doesn’t always like the idea of having up to 7 dogs but stands behind the cause 100%. I enjoy traveling, arts & crafts, gardening and cheering my daughters on at their sporting events. I am a semester away from completing my Masters Degree which I’m sure will bring many exciting new adventures! I am extremely blessed to work with ACPBRR’s finest and not only consider them co-workers but also friends!


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Hi, I have been blessed to be named the Volunteer and Event Coordinator for this amazing rescue and I am here to try to make volunteering fun and rewarding. Over the years my partner and I have rescued many dogs and cats. We have six little urns of ashes from our since passed on babies. My vet (who took care of them their entire lives) once said “If there is such a thing as reincarnation, I hope I am a stray in your front yard”! Currently we have three dogs Jack, Piper and Cleo (ACPBRR alumni) and three cats Scout, Pearsall aka Monster and Cori.

My story of how I got involved with ACPBRR: One day while I was driving to work seeing dogs running the streets, I woke up (no really my brain woke up for the first time to what is happening in my city). I realized that we have an animal problem, specifically a pit bull problem. I decided I needed to do something. For weeks I watched different rescues on Facebook, weeding out the ones that did not appeal to me. Then one day ACPBRR needed a transport to Louisiana, I jumped on it. Toby found his home in Louisiana and I found my home with the best rescue in Texas! I am looking forward to the future as I watch ACPBRR grow and rescue the displaced dogs of San Antonio.


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Hi, my name is Isliana but friends and family call me Izzy! I’m a Mortgage Advisor by day and pride myself on my organizational skills. I have always been an avid animal lover and was fortunate enough to grow up on a ranch. I was the only three year old in my pre-K class that actually got a pony for their birthday! I have four fur babies of my own: Mace a grumpy chihuahua, Leia a “San Antonio Special,” Ahsoka a pit/lab mix, and Cade a pit bull (yes, they all have Star Wars names).
I became a member of ACPBRR unexpectedly when I found two emaciated pit bulls abandoned on the outskirts of the city. I took them in, got them spayed/neutered, and began caring for them as my own whilst unsuccessfully attempting to find suitable forever families. By chance I happened across this amazing rescue and have been fostering ever since. Eventually, as I became more active in the organization, the need for a consistent marketing rep presented itself and the rest is history!

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Hi, I’m Sarah, the foster coordinator for ACPBRR! I am originally from Houston, but I’ve lived in San Antonio for 11 years. I am a UTSA grad working for a marketing firm downtown San Antonio. My house is home to two humans and a Japanese Akita, a pit bull pulled off the streets, and a Jack Russell/Beagle mix. I have fostered, transported, and volunteered for Alamo City Pit Bull since seeing a plea in May 2015. I love seeing how these sweet pits change, grow, and experience love after being placed in loving foster homes. I am now director of the foster deparment!

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Hi, I’m Annelle, the ACPBRR Adoption Coordinator. I have always LOVED animals, especially dogs. I got my start in rescue after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, LA. The disaster really opened my eyes so I began volunteering with LAPS (Laredo Animal Protective Society). I always wanted to go to school to become a veterinarian but decided rescuing is the next best thing! All my dogs are rescues which came from the shelter, the streets, or other people who neglected them (like my lone cat). Rescued is my favorite breed so I came on board with Alamo City!


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