Dusty’s Story:

Dusty is a very sweet girl. She is a 3 years old bull terrier mix, and was dumped on the streets after being bred for a little over a month, waiting and hoping for her people to come back for her. She still has a lot to learn, but is so smart and intelligent, that she will learn with the proper training.

Dusty is great with people, cats, and dogs. She’s also a talker and won’t be shy to let you know “what’s up”, no matter what time of day it is. So far she has achieved sit, her name, walking on a leash, and more confidence in herself. She knows come, however is still learning the obedience behind it and as of now only comes when she wants to come. Dusty is better at using outside to go potty, but still may do potty mistakes in her kennel or the house if not watched. She’s also a chewer, and is still learning to forget that habit. She’s using the indestructible crate because she has, and will destroy any other crate. She also likes to jump out of windows in the middle of a car ride ;)

Despite all of the habits she is learning to overcome, Dusty will make a great family pet and a very happy sibling!



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January 15, 2017