Ace was rescued from ACS.

Ace is an energetic, goofy pup and just wants to be where you are. Can you say FOMO? He makes for a good coworker if you work from home, just as long as you make sure to remove any squeaky toys in sight because he will go to town on one as you’re in the middle of a meeting/call. He still has that puppy energy, is a lover of toys of all shapes and sizes and is easily entertained. You’ll laugh when you see him prance around carrying a toy or when he tosses one up in the air to himself. He is smart, eager to learn and very treat motivated. He’s still learning to tolerate the crate when needed and definitely would prefer to be snuggled on the couch or bed. He enjoys going on walks, usually has a relaxed pace unless something catches his attention. He’s done well picking up on social cues when playing with other pups and has integrated well into the pack in his foster home.