Apple Jam was rescued from SAPA.

Hi-ya! I’m Apple Jam aka AJ, but my foster fam calls me Honey, Honey Bunny, Hun-Bun. I’m roughly 2 years old and my favorite thing to play with is my foster seester!! We love to chase each other! My favorite thing to do is snuggle, cuddle, get super close to you and invade personal space! I am so scared of losing my hooman that I will follow them to the bathroom just to make sure they are there! My biggest weakness is that I get so excited when you get home that I sometimes jump up, but I’m working on this with my foster fam! At night I sleep in my crate, but during the day I take naps cuddled with my foster kid in her bed. Don’t tell my foster mom, but she sneaks me some goldfish when no one is looking! I love them!