Archie was rescued from ACS.

Archie is my name, and cuddling is my game! Need a foot warmer? …that’s me. Need a hug when you have a bad day? …that’s me. Always wanted a dog who likes to smile? …that’s me. Wanna know something else? I recently found out that I really like toys, especially ones that have stuffing and squeak, who knew those could be so much fun to play with. If you enjoy long walks in your neighborhood, I’m the guy for that too! I’ve been pretty good about learning my leash manners, I know how to sit, I know how to shake, I even know how to wait for my food when it’s dinner time. When my foster family tells me it’s time for bed, I go straight to my kennel like the good boy that I am. I currently live with my two pittie foster sisters and two human siblings too! I have lots of love to give and I can’t wait to meet my future furrever family!