Athena was found as a stray by a good Samaritan.

Do you work from home and really need the coolest coworker in town? Do you enjoy curling up with a cozy blanket and not being bothered by anything or anyone all day? Do you believe the best way to spend a Friday night is a bowl of popcorn, movie on the TV, and puppy snugs? Do you find limited interaction with the unknown as I like to call anything that isn’t my A1 day 1 human blissful? Well then… I’m your girl!!

I truly believe my human and I should be attached with Velcro since I cannot possibly think of anything in their life more important than me. Don’t worry, if you forget about that arrangement I’ll be sure to remind you!

I’m a little scared of everything. Dark rooms? No thank you. Being alone?! Are you kidding me.. who likes that? Weird noises? I’ll need you to verify that we’re still safe here. I guess I’m a little quirky. But, if you’re patient, we can work through anything. Once I’m in a routine I’ll work it out. My brain is just a bit weird. The doc said he’s working on fixing that.

I give the best hugs, I walk nicely on a leash, I’ll tolerate a crate if I must, and I only bark to remind you if you’re too far away for too long. I’d be the perfect furever bestie if you’re looking for lots of love!