Astro was rescued from the shelter just in the nick of time.

Hi! I’m Astro, which is short for Astronomically handsome!!  In addition to being a looker, I’m also a lover!  I’m with a foster family right now, but I am seeking my own permanent family where I can really be a part of the household… literally, I love being included in everything!  I’m super flexible on what my ideal family is.  I can be as active as you like, but I also love a chill day on the sofa taking naps, chewing some good bone and getting belly rubs.  Other dogs are totally great and so are kids as I make friends easily.  However, call me crazy, but I just am not a fan of the kitty cats.  A yard in which I can play, sniff, get some sun and conduct my business is totally desirable as well.  My foster Mom and Dad tell me I am a really good boy and that they can’t believe how well trained I am.  They also say I am getting better about walking on a leash and that I am well mannered, except I do sometimes get anxious when they leave the house without me.  They’ve learned to simply give me a toy to play with and keep me busy in my crate and I am totally fine… I’m sure you can learn this, too!  If you think I’m the dog for you, please reach out to ACPBR today.