Bailee was found as a stray by a good Samaritan.

Hi! I’m Bailee, an incredibly sweet and playful girl who loves being outside and exploring new things! My 6 tiny pups and I have just become an amazing part of my foster family! So far, I love my foster mom so much, I follow her around everywhere she goes!  Did I mention I have tons of love to give? I am a huge fan of my foster mom’s attention, love, care, and interest. I love belly rubs, and to sit next to my foster mom on the couch. Snuggling is my favorite! I LOVE my foster brother dog and foster sister dog. My foster brother and I play, and play, and play! When I am ready to relax I usually snuggle up to my foster mom or foster sister! My foster mom says I am an amazing little girl! I like to learn new commands and am even more excited when I get yummy snacks as my reward! Needless to say, I am safe and happy and currently living my very best life!


Bailee’s puppies (born 5/18/22) available late August: Dublin, Almande, Whiskey, Espresso, Cream, Ireland