Baldwin was rescued from ACS.

My name is Baldwin and I’m about 2 years old. I’m a big guy with a warm heart and will provide you all the love in the world; don’t let my looks fool you! I don’t know what the word “boundaries” means as I would prefer exploring at my leisure and being by your side… or on your side in my down time. The best time in the world is when I’m allowed to sleep on the soft couches or playing in the backyard with my foster sister. If you feel sad, alone, or cold I can be your pillow, company and personal heater. I still need to keep practicing commands but if you say it with a treat in your hand, I’ll definitely sit.

Likes: baths, food (especially anything that smells like bacon or peanut butter), back rubs, head rubs, snuggling, being in your space, sleeping, playing with other dogs, looking at you, smelling you, following you everywhere.

Dislikes: cats or any other small, sketchy pets