Bandit was surrendered by her former owners.

Howdy Darlin’s, my name is Bandit but I swear the only thing I’m guilty of is stealing hearts and kisses. You may know my foster brother Smokey; together we are Smokey & the Bandit and we make quite the team: two southern puppers livin’ the good’ol American life. I simply adore Smokey, he’s like a big brother and a grandpa all in one & he sure is teaching me all about being a puppy. In fact, I’d say our stories are pretty similar. Like Smokey I come from humble beginnings; I found myself in quite the pickle of a living situation, I was bone thin, hungry, scared, itchy with fleas, and crying. I was trying to escape from my previous owner, fightin and biten’ my way free but this person would not take a hint & kept dragging me back. I was worn out and ready to make peace with my life when a nice family walked up to my owner & politely ask if they could take me off their hands, & after some reluctance from my original owner, I was finally surrendered & heavens to Betsy was I surprised when I felt someone pick me up and take me away, lord knows I’m too sweet to fight. I now find myself in quite a lovely living situation, with all sorts of dog friends and human friends that don’t hit me or superglue things to my head. Now butter my backside & call me a biscuit cause if you told me last week I’d be living in a home where they feed me three times a day & bring the food to my bed I’d say your crazy; Smokey said its called room service, & I can’t complain. For an 8 week old puppy with a rough start to life I’d say I’m a happy & positive girl that believes for certain I’m not only adorable but will bring smiles and happiness to whoever is blessed enough to adopt me. I simply adore all dogs & people too, I can’t say for certain I’m a cat pup, but I can say that I’m definitely to little to hate them. I’m energetic, I like my crate, and absolutely love to play with toys but mostly I love to play with other pups. I’m a fast learner & also eager to please, I look to the humans for guidance & love to follow them around the house. I don’t make a mess and I’m a pretty easy going girl who just wants to be loved. So folks, if your looking for a sweet puppy, who’s adorable, playful, loves to cuddle, and up for adventure than look no further, I’m your gal, I promise you and me will have the adventure of a lifetime!