Batman was rescued from ACS.

Banananananananana BATMAN!!!

Are you looking for a man of mystery, a cape crusader, a knight in shining armor? Look no further than this handsome boy! Batman is around 3 years old and a whole 40lbs of get-down! Don’t let those adorable, big brown eyes fool you, this man of mystery is ready to jump in and save his family from any mailman foolish enough to ring his doorbell! Not only is this guy your perfect alert dog, he’s crate AND potty trained! He is a perfect mix of low-medium energy that allows him the peace and love to cuddle on your roughest days as well as the occasional high energy that he can draw upon to scare away intruders or have a good tug-of-war or throw/chase session (as we’re still learning to give the toy BACK)!

Batman has a couple of wounds from his time fighting crime on the streets of Gothem (San Antonio), including a laceration to his front right paw that has caused him to have some “knuckling.” This just means that he hops a little differently than his fellow crime fighters but this doesn’t stop him from going up/downstairs, playing in the yard, or going on walks! Batman does well with a low-energy dog in his current household but has not been cat-tested. He knows sit but is continuing to fill his resume of his obedience skills as he’s only over-eager to please! His favorite past times are literally anything with his humans from going on a walk, cuddling on the couch/bed, or playing tug-of-war! This perfect partner in justice is only too happy to lie at your feet while you’re folding laundry if that is all you have time for! Batman was hours away from euthanasia, and, as a crime fighter, is this any way to thank a sworn enemy of injustice? Batman now needs a new hero and lifetime companion, are you up to the task?