Bella was rescued from ACS.

Meet Bella: a 5-6 year old, 70 pound staffy mix. She’s very chill, has a calm energy about her and has free range of the house during the day. She is generally indifferent to her maltipoo and feline foster brothers but a slow introduction to new furends is recommended. Her beautiful, expressive, soulful eyes melt your heart; she enjoys affection and takes treats incredibly gently. She loves her humans; her favorite place to be is under the covers in bed. She can sleep all day and is a great movie buddy but do be mindful she is typical to her breed in the snoring category. Her foster moms don’t notice and kinda find it endearing, but for the acoustically sensitive…may be worth mentioning. She does love her moments of zoomies, but can easily spend hours lounging. She is good on a leash. Her solid frame is impressive, and she does walk with loose leash and at a pensive gait, but be mindful that if she wants to “go”….a firm and strong grip is required.