Bella was left behind by her former owners.

Hi!  My name is Bella and I am so happy to meet you!  May I lick your face?  Is it too early for that?

I’m about 5-6 years old and can be the laziest, most snuggable 70lb body pillow or the most energetic, playful pup with the most adorable zoomies.  I currently live with two other dogs – the little terrier is my best friend and we make up all kinds of games and snuggle together, but I just tolerate the big guy (I think he steals my food.)  I also live with a cat and I would love to play with her, but she never responds to my play bow. Sometimes she seems to start a game of chase and then isn’t happy when I follow.  I have two little doggie neighbors that I enjoy talking to and meeting at the fence for kisses. I am so excited whenever I see them out on a walk and am immediately ready to play.  But, I’m not very good at sharing toys – all the toys belong to me – though I do love playing tug as long as I win. One of my absolute favorite activities is finding the sun outside and just rolling around in the grass and laying there which I can do for hours if its nice out. When not sunbathing or catching up with my buddies, I just want to be in your presence and will follow you wherever you go or sit next to you (or on you) and snooze away (apologies for my snoring).  If you let me, I love to sleep in the bed and will snuggle under the covers until I get too hot.

I hate to admit it, but I’m a big scaredy cat and hate loud noises. Thunderstorms and fireworks are the worst, but I also don’t like the sound when my water bowl gets filled and have to leave the room. When I’m scared, I just want to sit with (on) you and listen to nature sounds while you comfort me. Sometimes I have trouble controlling my emotions and can get really excited especially when you come back home, so I will grab an emotional support toy and carry it in my mouth until I calm down. I prefer my stuffed chicken, but whatever is available works too (even a towel).

While I am an absolute sweetie and full of love and adoration, I’m also incredibly smart if a bit stubborn. I sit and wait like a champ, am walking decently on leash, and take to new commands pretty quickly though I get bored after a while. I am crate trained and will also abide by gates, though I don’t really like either especially if you’re not nearby. I can be pretty vocal if I lose sight of you and will grumble and whine – I miss you!  My goal in life is to make you happy and be happy too.  I have so much love to give that I could burst!