Beorn’s Story:

Beorn was taken in by a good Samaritan after his former owners decided they didn’t want him anymore and had plans to leave him at the shelter.

My name is Beorn, aptly named after the big bear-like creature from the book The Hobbit, but don’t let that fool you, I’m a total sweetheart and I just love to cuddle. I just turned four years old, and my fur pattern is called brindle. It’s really awesome because my stripes make me look like a little tiger dog! I’m a big fan of walks and adventure, but I’m just as excited to enjoy relaxing with you on a nice day as I am to go out and play! I’m an all around wonderful pup and I adapt well to any situation or environment, as long as I have you or some animal friends to keep me company and I’ve had a nice daily walk.

I have excellent manners too! I’m crate trained, potty trained, and I can sit and even give paw shakes on command. I’m working on my leash manners and I am already so much better at going on walks. I’m not food or toy aggressive and I get along fantastically with dogs of all ages and sizes. I like to play rough and bark when I have fun, but I’d never hurt anyone and I know when it’s time to calm down and take it easy. I just love my kitty friends too! I make sure to leave them alone when they don’t feel like playing. I’ve had lots of animal friends all my life and we’ve always gotten along splendidly.

Most importantly, I love my people! In fact, I love anybody and everybody! I make friends with any person I meet and I love attention and lots of pets. I love the young people too! I get along well with my toddler nieces and nephews when they come to visit, though I’ve never lived full time with any children. I’m food motivated and I love to be praised, which makes me pretty easy to train. Please consider adopting me and giving me a forever home! I promise I will love you with all that I have and be your constant companion!