Bikini was rescued from ACS.

Howdy Y’all,

My name is Bikini. I am 6 months old and weigh about 28 pounds. I was extremely malnourished and neglected, but I was lucky! Some kind soul rescued me and now I am in a foster home with plenty of good food and lots of creature comforts.  

Even though I went through a lot in my short life, my fosters are amazed at how sweet, lovable, and unflappable I am. (I heard I’m pretty goofy as well). I am not afraid of loud noises, I don’t mind bath time or getting my nails clipped. I am non-reactive to the barking dogs next door, but I don’t like the ones on TV. I mostly don’t pay attention to the numerous cats in my new home, but they are curious creatures that I would like to investigate. They usually don’t appreciate me invading their space and will swat at me with their claws. I am learning to leave them alone. There is, however, a loud mean parrot that lives here and when he flies, I get a bit excited and want to check him out. As with the cats, he doesn’t appreciate my curiosity and will try and bite me. I guess I shouldn’t blame him, since I am so much bigger than he is.

My hobbies include car rides, walking in the neighborhood (I have to work on that leash thing), and playing in the back yard with my best friend Chancla with whom I was rescued! I am a huge fan of cuddling on the couch and getting belly rubs. Like my foster sister, my favorite time of day is anytime there is food. I didn’t really have access to much food before. My fosters are quite impressed with how smart I am. I have learned some new commands such as “sit” and “down” and am working on the hardest of all new commands – “stay”.  

I hope to find a happy home with someone who will love me as much as I will love them.