Bo was adopted from ACPBR as a puppy three years ago. He was returned when his former family moved and did not make arrangements to bring him along.

From Bo’s foster family:

Bo came into our lives when we needed him the most. Our family took a huge loss when we had to put down our beloved pit mix at the young age of 6. The emptiness we felt in the house without him was difficult. Our 2 year old daughter would ask for him everyday and our other dog would act out because she missed him, too. I did not think we could ever have our family whole again. We decided to try fostering and that’s when we met Bo Jameson.

When I think of the perfect dog, Bo fits the expectations! He always has a happy-go-lucky attitude. He has never met a stranger and he is very gentle with our daughter. He has brought so much joy and happiness to our family from the first day we met him. It was an instant fit!

Despite Bo’s cheery disposition, we knew there was something wrong with Bo’s hind legs that we causing him pain and limiting his activity. Upon investigation, it was discovered that Bo has not 1 but 2 town CCL muscles in both back legs. Bo has a difficult time getting up and walking correctly. Even though he does not often show it, because he is always happy, his eyes show the struggle and pain as he hesitates to get up, jump, or run. At only 3 years old, Bo, of course, loves to play ball with his human sister but he can not do it for very long with his condition.  If he gets too excited, he loses his balance and falls. We took him to the river and realized he couldn’t swim with his legs the way they are. No dog at any age should have to endure what he is going through and miss out on life’s simple pleasures.

He has blessed our family with his love and loyalty in such a short period of time. My only prayer is that we can bless him with surgery to fix his legs and have him live out a long and happy life free of pain.

Bo’s Surgery Fund