Bobbie Anastasia’s Story:

Bobbie Anastasia was released to the care of ACPBR after an unexpected pregnancy. Her former owner was unable to care for the entire family.

Hi furends! I’m Bobbie Anastasia; who are you? You say you’re looking for a dog?! That’s amazing because I’m a dog! I am very friendly and love meeting new people; it would be great if we could be friends! I must warn you the price of my friendship is 5x ball throws a day and belly scratches when I demand them. I love new fur friends too! I currently live with 4 other doggos. I especially enjoy playing with my small foster sister. She’s a tiny 10 lb spitz but she thinks she’s a pibble too🤭. My foster mom keeps telling me that I’m such a doll. I hope that’s a good thing! I’m a young gal that is learning the ropes pretty fast. I mastered “come” , “sit” , “kennel”, “wait” in a matter of days. I’m a professional at cuddles and kisses, I love car rides (that means we’re going for a puppuccino, right?) and I really enjoy my kennel – it’s my temple!

Bobbie loves you already — and you’ve only just met through a picture. Apply today to meet this friendly doll!

Bobbie’s puppies [available early July]: Maxwell, Anita Baker, Janet Jackson, Prince, Whitney Houston, John Legend