Bolt was rescued from ACS.

Hi Frens,

My name is Bolt aka Boltie Boo, Boltzie, Boltie Boy, Big Head Bolt.  I am a fawn and white colored pitti-ful pitbull mix.  My peeps think I am about a year old.  I ams a good boy – I am crate trained, pottie trained, and snuggle trained. I’s a good leash walker by myself but I get really excited when frens join and like to lead the pack.   I am good with other dog frens as long as I don’t meets them whens I am hungry – ya know a full belly makes everyone happy.  I see cats and think they might taste reallllly good so probably best that they stay with a crazy cat lady and not in my castle.  I was on my own for quite some time and I don’t recommend it at all because being hungry is no funs so I am a big fan of all da foods – my food, my frens foods, my peeps food.  My peeps like me the best because they always puts my food down first so I can get a head start of the other whackadoos in the house.

I really, really like warm comfy beds and spooning with my humans – king size beds might as well be twin beds because I loooooves doing the snuggle.  I seeps through the night and you can forget about me doing snores.  I am so good that the only time I go into my room aka crate is when da humans have to leave the house – I will go in it easily as long as you gives me the goods – ya know, a treat.  I’s really getting into the organic, natural, healthy way of snacking because I’s really loves raw carrots and raw green beanies – I loves the yummy crunch and coolness.  I gets so excited that I sometimes forget to be polite and snaps that goodness right out of the peep’s hands but all she has to do is remind me to be “easy” or gives me treatos from her flat palm. I’s even know how to sits and pose real purdy for da treats.

Because I lived on my own for awhile, I am not sure how to play with toys.  I ams learning all about playing tug with the peeps, and with my frens though sometimes I’s get a little nervous about the doggo tryings to take my toy instead of playing and I wills lets them know it.  I’ms learning how to hang out with the pack too instead of hiding out in another room on the big doggie bed.  I’s even learning how to snuggle with my frens!!!!

My absolute favorite thing to do is please my peeps and I’s a good listener to them. I loves it when they gives me the snuggies, kisses, buttrubs…peeps are my favorite.