Bubba was found as a stray by a good Samaritan.

Hey you, yea you, my future mom and dad… Listen closely: Bubba is my name and eating is my game; I have food on my mind and ooh I’m super kind!! I’m a 4 yr old (at least that what I heard when I went to the vet), 55 lb laid back kind of guy (doggo) who loves to cuddle on the sofa or bed if given permission (I like to toot and can clear a room tho). My favorite pastime is definitely food! Boy when it’s chow time it’s my time! I am stout and chunky but please don’t let that fool you because I love to play with doggies my size or larger (you should see me play with my foster sister Nilla, she’s great!!!). She welcomed me and has become my best friend. My foster momma, she’s awesome too!! She crate trained me so I can have a bed all to my own, aren’t I lucky!! I’m always ready to grab my leash and meet new people but not to the car (I get a little antsy not knowing where I’m going). Little secret?? I know some of my manners like: sit, stay, come, and lay down (they need some refining though). Ok, ok, I’ll stop bragging about my self and I’ll give you a chance to meet me in person so off I go to a deep snore and dream of my forever family.