Calla’s mom, Lily, was brought into the program as a pregnant stray.

Calla is easy to train, treat motivated and knows quite a few commands. She is doing excellent with potty training, enjoys walks and is highly curious. She sniffs everything and will try to taste test anything. Typical to puppies, Calla excitedly and rapidly eats. She has learned how to gently take treats and does well with toys that are not easily destructible because she will find the squeaker in any stuffed toy. Calla is compatible with other dogs and plays well. She currently lives with a female Boxer, male Yorkie, and her sister, Ivy.
She is kind to our toddler and understands to be slow and gentle with little ones, which is unbelievable for a puppy. Calla prefers relaxing by your feet. She also is peaceful just sitting in a lap. She will thrive in a home with children and other dogs.