Chance’s Story:

Chance was found half starved and wandering the streets a few short months ago.

Have you ever said to yourself, “Self, how great would it be to have a giant shadow who looks at you with desperate, frantic adoration and wants nothing more than to be next to you or, ideally, on top of you?” Have you ever looked at your home and thought, “What this place needs is a highly combustible ball of gaseous energy who enjoys eating odd items and attacking stuffed animals?” Have you ever tried to sleep but thought, “Man, if only I had a 70-lb weight blanket sleeping directly on my diaphragm?” If so, I may be the dog for you.

My name is Chance and I’m about 1 year old. They can tell from my talent for mischief that I led a life of rakish misadventure and skulduggery (before they sneakily trapped me in domesticity). I don’t mind living the soft life too much, though, because I have discovered the almighty power of couches and free food. I’m still a little anxious from my life on the streets, but I’ve really started coming out of my shell! I’m fully kid-tested and have been put through the gauntlet of being in a house with four kids ages 3-7. I’ve been a body pillow and personal foot heater, and done it all with a smile on my face. I love long walks and will absolutely lose my mind if I see you grab the leash. I still do not know what to do when you throw a ball, though. I’m dog-friendly and cat-curious (the cats in my foster family have made sure I know where I fall in the pecking order). I’m a sensitive fellow and had a bout with flea allergies from my former life as Oliver Twist, so my fur is still slowly recovering, but believe me, I used to look much worse! Ideally we will spend every moment of the rest of our lives mere centimetres apart.

Likes: kids, other dogs, any food you have (ANY food), playtime, wrestling, car rides, snuggling, sitting on you, being no more than 3 inches away from you at any time, licking your face, sleeping on you, looking at you, dreaming of you, watching you breathe.

Dislikes: you trying to have any personal space, baths, being left unattended, when the cats chase me down the stairs, when you leave the house without me.