Chancla was rescued from ACS.

Hello Everyone, my name is Chancla! I am under a year old and weigh about 30 pounds. I had a bit of a rough childhood, but things are looking up for me. My ribs aren’t showing anymore; my foster parents did a great job of fattening me up! The grub around here is much better and more plentiful than I am used to.

My foster mom says I have the sweetest disposition and the cutest ears she has ever seen. I am a rambunctious girl and enjoy playing hard and then napping. My hobbies are playing in the hose spray while my foster’s water their plants. (I simply adore it!), and romping with my bestie foster sister with whom I was rescued. I am also a big fan of car rides, snuggling on the couch and going on walks in the neighborhood. I still have some work to do on that as that leash thing is quite confining. My most favorite thing though is eating since I couldn’t get enough to eat for most of my short life.

My fosters say that I am a pretty smart dog. Along with my new fosters, I have been introduced to a bunch of cats in my new home. I mostly ignore them, however, they do provide me with an abundance of new smells that I like to check out. They don’t always appreciate my sniffing nose and have swatted me a few times. The weirdest thing in my temporary home is the green house chicken they call a parrot. He is loud and sometimes flies. I am really interested in him, but he doesn’t seem to like me. I really don’t understand why because I am extremely lovable, charming, and adorable.