Charlie’s was found as a stray by a good Samaritan.

Are you in the market for a cuddle partner the size of a small bear? Maybe an entryway blocker for your steppin-over fun! Then look no further, my name is Charlie and I’m just the sweetest boyo for the job! Some might describe me as obstinate or stubborn, but I prefer passionate and driven. I especially love cuddling when I sleep, I’ll gladly bury my wet nose against you to ensure you have the best dreams. Speaking of dreams, mine are all kinds of fun so expect some shaking and murmuring with intermittent man-snores. If you’re lucky I might do some sleep-singing.

I love playing with other dogs and humans of all sizes but until I know my own strength (I’m a big, lovable boy at almost 70 lbs) I shouldn’t be left alone with small pets or kiddos. A “hey let’s play” tap from me can feel like a “play with me now!” shove. I definitely don’t want to accidentally hurt (or squoosh) anyone in my new family. I have lived with a cat and as long as they don’t mind me trying to be their friend (one day… sigh) we should be fine living together. My favorite hobby is chewing on things and of course I love the usuals too, like fuzzy squeakies, #allthetreats, Kong thingies, knee bones, pig parts, etc. Also high on my list of fun things is sunbathing, but you’ll have to monitor me so I don’t become a roasted pupper… get it? Pepper.. pupper.. HA I kill me!

Occasionally I might have a tantrum when asked to do something I don’t want to do. I’ll either a) drop like dead weight regardless of where I am or who’s around (every parent’s tantrum of choice) or b) I’ll make annoyingly loud screech-like sounds, sounds usually reserved for husky puppies yelling on YouTube. I’m hoping to grow out of this but if I don’t you might want to invest in ear plugs. My foster mom thinks my looks can sometimes be deceiving. On the outside I might have a “don’t mess with me” look but on the inside I’m like “OMG PLEASE MESS WITH ME I LOVE PETS GIVE ME PETS PETS PETS!!”. It’s just my face *shrug*  I’m a bit on the mischievous side and a tad overly-curious, but I’m willing to learn and I’m very smart. I just need a family willing to be patient, give me lots of exercise, and show me the ropes – and the chews and balls and squeaky toys!