Daenerys was rescued from ACS.

Are you single and seeking a companion?  Do you long to wake up in the morning and have big, beautiful almond shaped eyes looking at you with complete devotion?  Well look no further!

Daenerys is a super sweet doggo that loves people and the company of other dogs as well. She is about 3 years old and 56-lb. She does take her time cozying up to and getting fully comfortable but it’s well worth the love she will lavish onto you and others. She loves to go for walks or take you for walks, but she is learning to be a good walking companion. Loves to play with her soft fluffy toys and is not much of a destroyer.  Enjoys fetching balls but doesn’t always bring it right back. She also loves watching television and is very talkative while watching some of her favorite TV shows (cartoons of any kind). Chow time? Yes, she loves her food and will remind you when it’s that time of day.  Loves to go for car rides and is very well behaved. High energy, good with the kiddos and she sits on command. Let’s not forget that she is a licker/kisser.