Deja was rescued from ACS.

Hello! My name is Deja; I’m probably the most chill girl you’ll ever meet. If I lived with you, you would become my most favorite person. The only thing I love more than chewing on my toys for hours is just being with my people. I love going for walks and adventures in the car.  Are you a couch potato?? So am I! I love just hanging out on the couch watching tv. Do you like gardening?? I love getting sprayed with the hose while you water your plants! I am very interested in water, hoses, pools, showers…  I just love water! I have made some great dog friendships here at my foster moms house. I love playing ball, tug o war and with chew toys…. LOTS of chew toys. The folks at the Alamo city pit bull rescue gave me a chance at life and now all I need is a forever home. I’ve got lots of love to give!

Deja’s foster mom says: “If you are lonely and needing a friend, look no further than Deja. She will stick by your side every moment. You will never eat alone, never walk alone, do laundry alone, cook dinner alone, sleep alone. No matter what you like to do, she will be there with you quietly enjoying your presence. My favorite thing she does is run around behind me carrying a toy and nudging me along with the toy. She has a small toy box where I keep her favorite toys and she loves digging through the box picking out just the perfect toy. She has been a joy to have around the house.”