Diamond was surrendered to ACPBR by her owners after she was hit by a car, suffering severe injuries to her legs. Diamond is about a year old and a super sweet pup! She has already endured so much trauma for such a young girl but she still remains one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet! After being hit by 2 different vehicles, Diamond has to have one of her legs amputated while her other front leg is healing from a fracture. She current lives with some kitty and doggie friends and she is doing fantastic with them! She is very interested in trying to play with the other dogs and hates that she can’t play yet! She is a big snuggle bug and has gotten used to being picked up and carried like a baby so she tries very hard to always be in your arms! She still has some manners to learn but she is very patient and tries her hardest to be the best girl out there!