Diamond was surrendered to ACPBR by her owners after she was hit by two cars, suffering severe injuries to her legs.

Diamond is almost 2 years old and came into the program after getting hit by two cars! She unfortunately had to have one of her front legs removed and the other splinted for a few months while it healed from a fracture. She has been through a lot of trauma at such a young age but is still one of the sweetest girls you will ever meet!
She has two foster canine siblings that she gets along with great! She can be a bit bossy with dogs bigger then her and needs a little time to get used to them. Dogs her size or smaller she has zero problems with! Diamond is really more of a people dog. She would love to be your best friend. She’s learning boundaries with her kitty foster siblings! She would do fine in home with kitty friends as long as the kitties don’t mind a dog getting in their business sometimes! She has a ton of energy and definitely does not let having 3 legs slow her down or keep her from loving life! She has great manners at home but is still working on her public manners as she gets very excited. She is good with kids but she would do better with kids who can handle her energy! Diamond loves to play and will try to keep up with an active lifestyle however her missing leg does catch up to her after too much exercise. She is a big chewer on toys she cannot destroy, so no stuffed animals! Diamond is also a huge cuddle bug and would love to crawl into your bed you! No one can meet Diamond and not love her!