Domino was surrendered by her former owners.

If you’re looking for a love bug that is AMAZING with children of all ages, look no further than Cuddle Queen extraordinaire, Domino! She is 3 years old and has perfected the fine art of napping and sunbathing. She knows that even when you don’t think you need her, you DO need her and will volunteer as tribute to be snuggled up next to you on the couch. She is SUPER affectionate and absolutely loves hugs and kisses, and has her very own song that she’ll sing and dance along to with you- don’t worry, we’ll teach it to you!

Ever wanted help cleaning the house? Well she might not do the whole house but she WILL take care of any food spilled on the floor. She enjoys going on adventures, but she does have allergies so during certain times of the year she takes daily allergy medication (San Antonio pollen… need we say more). She knows her basic commands and we’re working on improving her leash manners- she just gets excited to explore! She plays well with her annoying and nippy Min Pin/Dachshund mix sister, but we’re unsure how she does with dogs her own size. Meet & greets are conducted with all furry family members prior to placement.

Despite her young age, Domino is truly a mellow love bug and we want to ensure that she goes to a home with plenty of love and snuggles to share!