Duchess was found as a stray.

Are you single and seeking a companion? Considering adding another child (4-legged variety) to the family? Reformed cat lover that has realized the error of their ways and become a dog person? Look no further:

Duchess is a special kind of doggo; you’ll find yourself head over heels in love whilst also questioning all of your life choices. She generally prefers to get her way. Boundaries? What’s that? Rules? …more like suggestions. When faced with the challenge of having to do what the people want, she dons her best ASPCA commercial impression and channels the sadness of every rescue dog that has come before her in a display worthy of an Academy Award.

Duchess’ favorite things include kids, sun bathing, sniffaris (walks during which she runs the show and gets to smell whatever she wants), car rides as her face folds billow in the wind, defluffing toys, outings that involve lots of people (aka adoring fans) and soft things – beds, blankets, pillows, a 7 month old stuffed toy carcass she refuses to let you throw away… you name it. She walks very well on a leash – not because you want her to but because she wants to, knows quite a few commands (but tires of them quickly because she’s not a circus monkey after all) and is the ultimate cuddle buddy. After a full days work of being cute as heck and ensuring the world revolves around her, she is out like a light and snores like a grown man.

She will begrudgingly spend time in a crate if you need her to and rarely barks but absolutely detests thunderstorms and fireworks. Other dogs? Meh. Some are tolerable if you ask her; if they’re overzealous, excitable, and can’t take the hint when she’s done playing… no thanks. She’s the only one allowed to be annoying in a canine relationship. She currently lives with 4 other dogs and spends a lot of time figuring out how to get the most attention without being too obvious about it. She weighs 55 lbs and her age ranges from 5 to 10 depending on her mood. Duchess will absolutely love you unconditionally and hopes for the same in return.