Zoe was rescued from Guadalupe County Animal Care Services.

Are you in search of a quiet, loyal companion? Is your heart’s desire a small, spotted cow interested only in nearness to you? Look no further. Zoe loves people of all shapes and sizes, is calm in crowds, gentle with kids, and she lives to pad around the house looking for her people. She’s eager to snuggle and rarely makes a peep.

Her favorite things to do are lounging on sofas, lounging on chairs, lounging in dog beds, staring out the window, asking for pets, wagging her entire bottom half at the mail carrier, hoping you’ll invite her to share your pillow, and taking walks around the neighborhood. She excels at chilling. A dream on the leash – no tugging – she just wants to trot along beside you, with the happiest little bounce in her stride. She’s also good about sleeping in her kennel and spending time there periodically during the day, even though she’d much rather be with you. She’s calm in the car and so friendly with new people.

Zoe currently lives with two other dogs, and that’s not quite her speed. She’s a bit cool for them has no interest in play. She could live in a home with other animals that are the right fit, but she’s not an all-out dog’s dog. She loves people – all people – and lives to be at the center of her foster mom’s world. She’d be the perfect addition to any person or family looking for a baby cow masquerading as a pittie and would probably be happiest as your one and only. She’s 65 pounds, 3 years old, and practically perfect.