Gamble was rescued from Atascosa ACS.

When we first saw his intake picture from the Atascosa County Animal Control, Gamble was a pitiful sight. He was found wandering the streets and was skinny, dirty, and looked defeated and broken. We knew we had to help him, so we decided to take a chance on him and pulled him from the shelter. Right away, Gamble was so grateful and sweet it was impossible not to fall in love with him. After some much needed TLC, Gamble is looking -and feeling- like a totally different dog! He has gained 20+ pounds, had his broken tail repaired, and learned about the joys of indoor dog life.

Hi my name is Gamble! I am so grateful for being rescued. My moms say I was a pitiful sight at the shelter, but those days are behind me now! I have grown from a timid, underweight, and shut-down dog into a 55 pound happy house hippo. I love love love my humans and spending time with them is my favorite thing. I love to sit on the couch with them and get pats and watch TV. I also love to go for walks on the leash with you or just romp around your fenced yard and smell all the smells. I’m a very enthusiastic guy – can you tell? Mom says I have excellent potty manners. I get along well with my canine brothers and sisters, but sometimes I like to chase the cats that live here with me. I’m ready to find my forever family! I’m so excited! I hope someone will take a “gamble” on me like my foster moms did! Mom says whoever does will be striking it lucky for sure!”