Gilmore was found as a stray by a good Samaritan.

Looking for a playful, well-balanced companion who’s full of heart? Gilmore’s got the goods! 

Originally found as a stray, this sweet and lively young fellow has quickly settled into life in his foster home and is estimated to be 1-1 ½ years old. Gilmore can be a little shy at first meeting, but quickly warms up. His foster mom says he’s done very well with crate training and housebreaking, and is well on his way to learning to walk with a leash and harness. A fast learner by nature, Gilmore knows the command “drop it” and is working on “sit” and “stay.” He enjoys short walks around the neighborhood and napping near his fosters’ feet, as well as chewing his Nylabone.

Gilmore is friendly with dogs and humans alike, but will likely do best in a home without cats. (They’re just so exciting … it’s hard to resist chasing them!)  Also, those glorious freckles on his snoot are just begging to be kissed. Begging

Curious? Come see them for yourself!

* * *

Gilmore’s likes: Rope chews, Nylabones, all manner of treats.

Gilmore’s dislikes: The vacuum cleaner. It is highly suspicious – even when turned off – and must be defeated!