Gracie was rescued from ACS.

Are you searching for a cuddle buddy at night? And an adventure partner during the day? For something to brighten up your mornings with kisses? That other half that looks at you with complete adoration? Stop looking for a human soulmate, because Gracie is your perfect match. Gracie is a great companion, that will never ever leave your sight…unless you leave the door open (then you might need to chase her around the neighborhood), but she will follow you around the house, take long naps next to you, and love every minute of attention she can get. She loves kids, dogs, and people, but can be a little too much at first… so you might need to give her time to get over her first impression excitement. She loves cheese as a snack, sleeping in and can easily chill in her crate whenever you need her to. We must add that she has the cutest ears to pair with her sweet personality. She is the whole package and will let you play dress up from time to time. If you are interested in adopting her, reach out! …you won’t regret it!

Gracie suffers from incontinence. Her bladder is badly damaged (likely hereditary) and does not function properly however, she looks heckin’ cute in her diapers and it is not a hinderance to her quality of life.