Gracie was rescued from ACS.

Hey all, allow me to introduce myself… my name is Gracie! I am around a year old and I love playing with other dogs, but I need them to be up for play time most of the day. Like, it’s play time all the time, right? I am still learning to take the hint when my foster sisters are done with playtime, but I do get easily distracted chasing a ball. I love all toys, and can distract myself with a stuffed animal or a nice bone to chew on. I enjoy my kennel and don’t mind spending time there when needed, just give me some blankets and I’ll take a nap or play with my toys. I sleep in my kennel and eat in my kennel without an issue, I’m that simple. However, I can be a little mouthy so I am learning the ropes and working on tricks other than sit. I’ll keep you all updated on my upcoming new tricks. Once you meet me, you’ll be in love!

Gracie suffers from incontinence. Her bladder is badly damaged (likely hereditary) and does not function properly however, she looks heckin cute in her diapers and it is not a hinderance to her quality of life.