Gracie was rescued from ACS.

Looking for a furry companion who will never leave your side? Meet Gracie, the ultimate cuddle buddy and adventure partner you’ve been searching for! This adorable pup will brighten up your mornings with kisses and shower you with complete adoration. Gracie is a loyal companion who will follow you around the house, take long naps by your side, and cherish every moment of attention she receives. She adores kids, dogs, and people, although her excitement can be a bit overwhelming at first. Give her a little time to settle in, and you’ll see her sweet and gentle nature shine through.

Gracie has a few quirks that make her even more special. She has a weakness for cheese and loves to indulge in it as a snack. She enjoys sleeping in and can easily relax in her crate whenever you need her to. And let’s not forget about her cutest ears that perfectly match her sweet personality! Gracie is the whole package, and she’s even up for some dress-up fun if you’re in the mood.

It’s important to note that Gracie suffers from incontinence due to a badly damaged bladder, likely hereditary. But don’t worry, this doesn’t hinder her quality of life at all! In fact, she looks absolutely adorable in her diapers, adding an extra touch of cuteness to her already charming personality.

If you’re ready to welcome Gracie into your home and heart, don’t hesitate to reach out. Download the Alamo City profile app to start the adoption process and make Gracie a permanent part of your family.