Gypsie was rescued from ACS death row right in the knick of time. She was adopted from the shelter in 2019 and found as a stray years later, severely overweight. We can’t wait to see her health improve in foster!

Gypsie is such a sweet dog! Her favorite thing to do is to take a slow-paced walk where she can sniff around to her heart’s content. She loves to flop on her back and roll around in the grass. She walks good on a leash. She is very people friendly and would do good in a home with older kids. She loves being next to her person and will follow you around wherever you are.  She will take residence on the couch and enjoys lying next to her person getting pets and belly rubs! Gypsie would love it if she can sleep in the bed but will settle for a doggy bed next to you. She rarely barks inside and can self soothe. She is so smart and goofy and deserves her forever home.