Harley was rescued from ACS.

Harley; no, not like the unpredictable pop culture icon with a penchant for madness but more like the motorcycle brand representing a timeless pursuit of adventure complete with a shiny, soft black coat reminiscent of your favorite leather jacket; always there when you need it.

Harley is the coolest dog you will ever meet. She is so adaptable, friendly and the perfect companion. Don’t let her stature fool you (she is a tall, 80lb drink of water); she is a laid back gal ready to squeeze herself into the smallest of spaces on the couch at any moment. She gives the best high fives, walks perfectly by your side and matches the vibes like a pro. If you wanna play, she’ll play… if you wanna nap, she’ll nap… if you wanna hang out on the porch with a cup of coffee, she’ll be right there by your side. Harley is doggo friendly and loves people both big and small.