Hazel suffered a gunshot wound to the chest, and was abandoned at a local emergency vet clinic.  Once the staff there realized her family wasn’t coming back for her, they took action to find a rescue that would step in to help with her ongoing care and placement. She was transferred to another animal hospital where they discovered Hazel was Heartworm positive, suffering from a tick borne disease, and would require ongoing treatment. None of this has stopped her from being the most loving, affectionate, cuddly, goofy, silly, and playful girl on the planet!

Hi, my name is Hazel!!  My foster mom says that I should have been named Rose, because I love to stop and smell the roses…. and also the dirt, and the flowers, the grass, the floor, your pajamas, face and hands, the air, the trees, bugs, also look, that thing in the air!! I especially love the bugs, oh they’re so fast!! I jump and flop and spin around with my big paws, but I never catch them! One day I’ll catch a firefly, I just know I will!  My favorite hobbies are walkies, playing fetch with the ball, my Amazon wrapping bag (is so sparkly!), snuggles, treats, kissing your face, sniffing your face, being on top of you, being next to you, walking near you, playing in the yard and with my toys, and finally nap time, I love to go into my crate and take a nap when all the fun is done.  I also love to watch TV, it’s so mesmerizing!!  My only real dislikes are the palm tree across the street, it gives me the willies…the cats in my foster house, cuz I mean, they’re aliens!  I don’t love going through Heartworm treatment either, it’s sooooooo boring!  I do like my beauty sleep though, so it plays out OK in the end.  My foster mom says I’m healing so well that soon I can meet everyone!!
Hazel is approximately two years old and 50 pounds of joy.  She is crate trained, potty trained, and good on a leash. She is dog friendly and cat friendly, but can be shy and prefers slow introductions and lots of positive reinforcement.  She can be high energy for walks, play, and zoomies, but also understands quiet time and does very well in her crate or in her bed. She knows basic commands such as sit, lay down, wait, and leash, which is just another word for sit!  Hazel is truly a super star, and the sweetest and most loving dog you may EVER meet in your life, and she cannot wait to find her furever family!