Hippo was found as a stray by a good Samaritan and has totally educated his foster fam on the wonderful world of pit bulls, he has helped them overcome all those pesky fears fueled by a bad reputation. They had no idea how smart, gentle, and affectionate pits could be. Whether on his own or with a group, he is a lovable and gentle guy; he respects his commands and redirection. He would be perfect for a single owner or a family, with other pets or solo. 

My name is Hippo! I’m about 5 years old and just under 60 lbs. I was a little nervous and sad when I first met my foster family after roaming the streets alone. Since then I have really warmed up to my foster fam and especially enjoy all the snuggles and treats. I am kid-tested and approved, even with wary and shy kiddos, by being gentle and respecting personal space. I’m dog and cat friendly, although the cat in my foster family isn’t too excited about me, I like being a part of the pack. I love going out for walks and lots of talks. This means I am a vocal and sensitive dude, I let my foster family know when they might have forgotten that it’s walk or meal time with little reminders. I don’t take things too far and don’t bark too much, I’m just a chatty guy and sometimes have big feelings. Unless my foster sister says “Panic!”, then I help with barks. On my own, my foster mom says I am the best boy, not reactive to other barking dogs, cats, or people. I have good command knowledge and strong leash walking skills. My mom especially likes that I am not a chewer or a digger, I’m a lover, especially of plushy babies that I like to sleep and snuggle with. My foster buds like to fetch and swim but I am happy just running around. They keep trying to teach me but I am just a simple guy. After all the walks, conversations, and window watching, I end the day with snoring on whoever volunteers as tribute for the night. 

Likes: long walks and smelling the flowers, kids, other dogs, cat curious, sun naps, big foodie (cat food too lol) but not veggies or fruit, car rides, snuggling, sleeping on you, licking your face, schedule, schedule, schedule! I like waiting my turn for food and treats.   

Dislikes: storms (I require extra snuggles when there are storms), rainy days when I can’t get my walks in, when the cat slaps me for trying to steal her food, going out in the yard without my foster buds, scary shadows, that weird Amazon guy.