Holly’s Story:

Holly was the victim of a hit & run. She was mowed down whilst hanging with a pack of strays and left behind. She had severe bruising in her back/spine and was unable to walk for months. Despite the trauma she is back in action and ready to find her very own happy ending.

If you’ve waited all your life for a precious chunky monkey with the perfect pibble smile look no further than Holly! Giving kisses might be her favorite thing in the world (other than food) and she loves to show affection to her people! Holly is the definition pure sweetness with the heart of a fighter. She was the victim of a hit and run accident which left her unable to walk for a little while but she made a fantastic recovery and can run and walk without issue. Throw a ball for her and watch her run full tilt! Holly was recently diagnosed with a food allergy so she has a couple of spots where you can tell she’s been licking or scratching a lot but she was switched to grain free food which seems to be helping! We are currently working on leaning out a little, following commands, and showing our excitement in ways other than jumping but she is very food motivated so treats definitely get her attention! Holly is currently recovering from a leg injury but she is expected to make a full recovery in 6-8 weeks; just enough time for you to get that new dog bed ready!