Horchata’s Story:

Horchata was rescued after her pervious owners moved out of their rental and decided to leave her behind with the trash.

Hi, I’m Horchata! I’m a sweet and sassy girl with so much personality. I’m a 3 month old puppy so I’m still figuring things out but I have a ton of curiosity and I’m a quick learner who responds well to those yummy treats. I absolutely love going on walks to get my wiggles out and explore the world around me or sit out with you at a local restaurant and people watch.  My favorite part about going out is getting to hold my own leash! I get along well with the big dogs and love a good toy to chew on. Once play time is over, you can find me cuddled up in blankets for a good nap where you can sometimes hear my little snores. I cannot wait to meet my forever family! —