Ivy’s mom, Lily, was brought into the program as a pregnant stray.

Ivy has been exceedingly easy to train. She is a fast learner, strives to please and has learned her commands very quickly. Ivy gets excited for walks and is highly aware of her surroundings. She will respectfully greet other people and dogs. She sleeps well in her crate and is contented to rest after eating. Ivy is interested in toys, such as a rope or simple stick, when she can play with other dogs or people. She is compatible with other dogs and plays well. Ivy currently lives with a female Boxer, male Yorkie, and her foster sister, Calla. She wants desperately to play with the human toddler she lives with and licks her hands (probably because there’s something
tasty on them!) Ivy prefers playing with other dogs and being active. She also is peaceful just sitting in a lap. This puppy has such a versatile and compatible temperament. She will thrive in a home with children and other dogs.