Ivy’s mom, Lily, was brought into the program as a pregnant stray.

Hi there, I’m Ivy: a lively, petite pup; 40 pounds of cuteness that LOVES to play! I also love to climb- and I have the longest kangaroo legs to help with that. Picnic tables, trees, anything off the ground is so fun to climb up on- although I did learn very quickly that kitchen tables and counters are OFF-LIMITS! Good thing I am a very fast learner, especially if you have treats… yum! I have learned many things: sit, come, touch, wait, crate, and how to ask to go out to potty. I also know how to sit nicely and wait my turn, and gently take a treat when told it’s ok. I am such a good girl and sleep so well in my crate at nighttime or when my foster mom has to leave, although I mostly prefer when she is home so I can sleep by her feet while she does this thing called work, or coax my foster sister into playing with me. I am a bit timid with new things but I am working very hard on being brave, and if you give me a little time to get to know you, I’m a big love bug. I really follow the lead of my doggo foster sister, so a confident big sister or brother of my own to show me that the world isn’t so scary would be such a help for me.

Things I like: TREATS, chew bones, my kong toy, ear-scratches, belly rubs, car rides, long walks, playing chase with my foster sister and human puppies!

Things I don’t like much:  water (yuck), baths (unless I just have to wash my paws only- that’s fun), loud noises (scary), collars- I don’t know why but if my foster mom forgets to take my collar off at bedtime, I just can’t resist taking it apart and seeing what it’s made of

I am a very sweet girl who would love a home of her own. What do you think? Maybe we can meet soon?