Jaxxson is being surrendered by his former owner.

My name is Jaxxson and I’m about 3 years old. I’m still a little anxious from my life on the streets, but I’ve really started coming out of my shell! Someone in my past must have been mean to me, but I’m doing my best to leave the past in the past. Loud noises and raised voices scare me; I run and hide. I’ve come a long way though and have now learned to accept loves, hugs, and belly rubs. I let humans pet me and rub my head only after I sniff you up and down and make sure you are ok. I absolutely love when the alarm clock goes off in the morning- that means I get to say good morning and smother you with morning kisses and doggy slobber. I love long walks and will absolutely lose my mind if I see you grab the leash. Do you have a lot of land or large property? I would love nothing more than to roam all day outside inspecting the integrity and safety of this said property. I’m still learning what to do when you throw a ball, but don’t fret I have mastered NOT bringing it back. I’m dog-friendly with the ladies. I’m not so happy with overly playful, wild dogs. I’m typically submissive. Just last month I did zoomies for the first time, I actually freaked myself out. Like whoa..what was that, a slight burst of happiness. I’ve learned to play with toys and love toys that squeaks.. I’m in love.. our perfect date would be me with a squeaky, laying on your feet by the couch, doing my best trying to get that squeaky out and all the fluff. I am very vocal when I want whatever food item you have in your hand, if I need your attention, or if you leave me at home. I will cry. Yes, cry. And as embarrassing as it sounds, I loud ugly cry. I want your undivided attention and would actually prefer just to have me and my fur momma in the house. I am the best work from home co-worker. I will get my bones and I will lay at your feet your entire shift.
Likes:  other dogs preferably laid back ones, any food you have except fruit, playtime, wrestling, snuggling, sitting on you, being no more than 3 inches away from you at any time, licking your face, sleeping on you, looking, visiting you while your in the restroom.
Dislikes: you trying to have any personal space, baths, being left unattended, when you don’t let me go into the bathroom with you, when you try and sneak some vegetables in my kibble. Sharing your attention with anyone else.