Jiminy Cricket is the last of his siblings waiting for his furever fam!

Hi I’m Jiminy Cricket! I maybe the last one of my litter, but that’s only because they saved the best for last! My foster momma says that I’m the smartest dog she has ever had because I’m willing to learn and try new things even if it scares me at first, if you have the right snackies. I go to a prestigious school where I have been working on new skills such as agility work, walking on uneven areas, riding a skate board, and walking through cones and tunnels. I know my basic commands, such as sit, wait, come, heel, spin, and kennel, and I’m a good boy when it’s time to go in my kennel because foster mom always gives me a snackie. I enjoy car rides and love to stick my head out or just stare into your beautiful eyes if I get to ride shot gun. I’ve also been called a super star at enrichment puzzles. If it has snackies I’ll figure it out. I’m already on level 2.

Foster momma says I love water, and thinks I would be a potential swimmer. It’s been so hot these days so I splash around in my kiddie pool or relax in the splash pad followed by peanut butter ice cream, my favorite! And because I love water, I don’t mind bath time.

My requirement if you choose me is I require lots and lots of toys. There is no negotiations, because all my toys turn to puffs. Stuffy toys are my second favorite to snackies. So I want snackies, stuffy toys, car rides, and lots of love, and I will be your most faithful companion till the end!