Kickflip was rescued from ACS.

Kickflip! Here she comes! Shredding the half pipe… a shoo-in for X games champion!

Ok, ok she can’t really land a kickflip but she is a decorated athlete. Some of her honorable mentions include: 2nd place in the toy de-stuffalon, 1st place in contortionist napping, world champion of the Texas tippy tap tap dancing competition and voted most likely to steal your heart 3 years running.

Flip is a tiny, 40lb ball of excitement that loves playing with her people and other doggos. At approximately two years old, she burns through her energy quickly with a walkie or play session and will nap, nap and nap some more. She is very, very smart, food motivated, great with older kiddos that aren’t easily knocked down and inclined to want to send kitties over the rainbow bridge (10/10 do not recommend).