Leo was surrendered to ACPBR by his former owners.

Hi, I’m Leo! I know you won’t believe me when you see my beautiful face but I’ve been in the care of Alamo City Pit Bull Rescue for over a year and not a single person has expressed interest. What are they so put off by? Is it my rugged good looks? Or are they intimidated by my intelligence?

I’m a little over a year old and I’ve still got a lot of puppy energy in me but I’m crate trained (when my foster parents are out) and housebroken. My foster mom calls me her shadow because when she’s home I follow her around the whole house. She’s in the living room, that’s where I am… sleeping. Oh, she got up to go to her office? Don’t worry, I’m coming, too. And when I get there, I will be …. sleeping. And when she’s finally done with work, I love nothing more than to curl up on the couch (well, on her and she’s on the couch) and watch TV. And then at the end of the day, I’m in bed (my foster mom’s a sucker) sleeping through the night.

I’ve been working on my skills. I love food but when I’m fed, I sit politely and wait until I’m told it’s time to eat. I’m working on walking on a leash although I prefer a 15 minute “sniff walk” – just take me outside and let me smell the world! – to a 3 mile trek any day. My foster mom says I’m the smartest dog she’s ever met so I’d love someone who’s willing to help me keep my active mind busy! I don’t like being by myself (who does?!) so having someone who works from home would be amazing. I’ll warm your feet while you get your work done. I love everyone I meet. People are amazing, did you know that?! I have two human foster brothers and I get so sad when they leave for school each day and so happy when they come back. But I’m a big guy and don’t always know my own strength so I’d do best with kids who are older. I’d love to have a backyard to run around in. I am not cat friendly because who trusts those things anyway? I have a foster sister that I adore but I’m pretty put off by other dogs so I would do best where I could be an only doggo. In fact, adoption events are super stressful for me because of the other dogs around so you won’t find me there. But I’d love for you to come meet me at my foster home so I can show you what an amazing dog I am. Could you be my forever home?