Leslie was found as a starving stray with her tiny, newborn puppies on the Far North West side of town.

Hi, I’m Leslie, also affectionately referred to as ‘Momma’. Despite my intense RBF, I am actually a goofy, happy-go-lucky gal who loves to be with her people. It does take me a little bit to warm up to new faces and places, but once I do, you’ll get to witness my pure joy in simply being near you! My morning zoomies are proof of that. I’m just so excited that I get FOOD everyday, twice a day, plus snacks! What a luxury. That wasn’t always the case when I was living on the streets, before my foster mom started putting out food for me. She didn’t know it, but once my puppies could follow me, I lead the whole family straight to her front door. They’re all adopted and now it’s my turn!
My favorite backyard activities include tossing toys around by myself (you can join if you want to), chasing the ball or frisbee, rolling around in the grass, and sunbathing. There is something so soothing about sleeping under the sun, am I right? I’m also a big fan of going on walks and runs to the park. I’ve picked up leash training really quickly though I am still learning, of course. My foster moms say I am sweet, smart girl who picks up all kinds of new things with ease. Besides eating and being outside, there’s nothing greater than taking a nice, long nap on the couch. I’m that kind of dog that mirrors what’s happening — if you want to play, I want to play! If you want to chill and nap, I want to chill and nap! Doesn’t get better than that, I don’t think. I’m hoping my furever family is out there just waiting for me to join them!