Macchiato was found as a stray by the Blanco PD.

I go by Mac (return of the Mac) but my real name is Macchiato. I was walking the streets trying to find shelter, minding my business when the police took me in. I did my hard time and now I need some quality time. I don’t remember much from my past but I do recall how to sit, lay, stay, and other simple commands. I walk well with a leash but on occasion I feel the wild side come back. A simple “heel” will do the trick to snap me back. The doc says I’m younger than 3 (heck I feel 2). I’m also the ultimate single doggo family pet; awesome with the little humans and an all around great guy (no cats please). Since my stint in the slammer, I turned to better activities like walking, running and trying to play fetch. I feel like I’m ready to move on to the next step in my journey: finding me a forever home!