Macchiato was found as a stray by the Blanco PD.

My name is Macchiato but people call me Mac (return of the Mac). I was living a life on the streets before the Blanco PD picked me up and I found myself in the slammer. But that week in lock up had me changing my ways and I’m now looking to find someone who will call me their own.

I think my ideal home is one where I am the only dog and definitely no cats (yuck). Cuddling with my humans and getting butt scratches are my favorite and I’m just not willing to share my space. I’m great with kids as long as they are older because I tend to be a bit too excitable for the little ones.

I’ve been working really hard on learning to be a good boy with basic obedience, walking nicely on a leash, and playing fetch. Food is one of my favorite things EVER so if you want me to learn a new trick, just make sure you have a treat in your hand! Guys, I’m ready for my forever home. I’m working hard to be the best boy and I just know that you’ll love me if you meet me. What do you say??