Maude was rescued from ACS.

My name is Maude! I am a 4-5 year old lovable pup who enjoys cuddling, tasty treats, going on adventures, and being showered in love! I weigh about 60 lbs and have loved joining my foster family on any possible adventure.
There are so many reasons to love me! I am very quiet and polite in my kennel (I even walk right in), and I prefer to do my business outside. I know not to chew on anything other than my bones and toys and I absolutely love car rides- though I do need a little boost to jump up there. I have had a splendid time joining my foster family on walks around the neighborhood, outings to patios, trips to the beach, shopping at my favorite pet stores, and even a road trip to Colorado. I am eager to explore new places, meet new people, and see the world!
I get along great with my 2 year old male boxer foster brother. He has taught me to play chase, wrestle, tug of war… so many games! I also did well meeting and going on walks with a small dog and a 5 month old golden retriever puppy on my Colorado trip. I have learned to walk nicely on a leash, and am making great progress on keeping my paws on the ground when I’m excited, and improving my consistency with “sit” and “stay” (it is much more fun when there is a really tasty treat on the line).
I like dogs, but I am definitely most excited to spend my time with people. I show my love by giving hugs to my foster parents and trying to be as close to them as possible when they are petting me. I met a cat in Colorado (I don’t think I’m a fan of those), and would probably enjoy older children that I wouldn’t have to worry about knocking down- I am practicing giving people their personal space and not jumping or nibbling when I get really excited. I enjoy being near you and watching whatever fun things you are doing around the house, and love having a good bone or toy to chew on.
Thanks to ACPBR, my heartworms and bleeding bumps are gone, and I am ready for my new chapter in life! I adore people and have so much love to offer. My wish is to have a family to call my own and I cannot wait for the fun memories we will make together!