Maxwell’s Story:

Maxwell was surrendered to the rescue along with his mom, Bobbie Anastasia and 5 littermates.

Hey there, my name is Maxwell! My favorite things to do are sleeping, playing with my fur siblings at home, and getting treats. I take naps everywhere: on the couch, on my bed, on the floor, on my fosters feet, on the treadmill… my foster mom says that is it for working out, but to me its the perfect bed. I am skeptical of new people and dogs at first, but when they bring treats, it’s just easier to open my heart to them. I am also more of an introvert, new places and situations look a little scary, but my foster mom says we will just work on easing me into them. She has been taking me on walks and letting me sniff the neighborhood and some neighbors and rewarding me when I just keep minding my own business. I love being rewarded and called a “good boy” so I will keep doing the work, I have already made a lot progress greeting new people and going on walks.