Meatball was found as a stray by a good Samaritan. When first found, Meatball was sitting on the shoulder of 410 hanging his head down. He was struck by a vehicle on the highway, full of dog bite wounds on his face and front legs and what appeared to be stab wounds. He had to undergo surgery to fix his broken legs. Somehow Meatball has chosen to forget his past and create himself a better future!

Do you like long romantic walks near some trees and slobbery kisses? Are you looking for a furry companion? Look no further! Meatball is up for the task!  Why cuddle with a pillow or stuffed animal when you could have a 70 pound boy full of snuggies and huggies! Meatball is around 1 year old and enjoys long walks near tall grass and trees! He likes to play hide and seek in the tall grass and is a tree hydration enthusiast! He will stop to water every tree his little bladder will allow him! Meatball enjoys watching a romantic sunset and throwing his toys 10 feet in the air. Tippy tappys? He’s full of them! Show him a treat and watch his feet go! He also enjoys following you absolutely anywhere you go, blanket monster and playing opossum (lying on his back with his feet in the air, completely still). Meatball can have high energy at times but ultimately he wants to be on your level! You set the mood and Meatball will follow. He just desperately wants to be a family man. Meatball is tolerant of other four legged dogs but may be selective. He met a mean dog once and wasn’t happy at all. However, he asks to play with the two resident dogs! Meats has been charged by an angry chihuahua on our walks before and I don’t think he’s ever been so offended in his life. He froze and walked away with his head held high! He is leash trained but will need a gentle reminder that he is indeed not a sled dog in Alaska. But that’s no problem, he’ll remember!

Meatball is scared when first meeting new people. He doesn’t know if you’ll be cruel to him or love him… slow introductions are recommended, especially with other dogs. Overall, Meatball amazes his foster mom everyday and teaches her how to enjoy the little things in life. He’s a 10/10 good boy.