Mike was rescued from ACS.

My name is Mike but I go by several names: MikeMike MikeMike Mike, Mikey, Papa. Sometimes I even get called by my foster sisters name and that is ok because we are always attached at the hip. I have heard I am 18 months going on 4 months because I have the playfulness of a puppy. The companion of another dog may be ideal to help me burn my energy during the day. What can I say I do love having a partner in crime. I have been referred to as a love bug because I love spending quality time with my fosters and any guest that stop by. Boy oh boy do I do enjoy food and treats. When I am rewarded I like to sit like a gentleman and take them softly. The kennel is my safe space where I enjoy meals and lay my heard for the night. When we go on walks I do like to take the lead but once we are out and about I hang out right next to my person. With my unique ears I do hear everything and sometimes those noises startle me. But once I make sure everything is ok I go back to either my nap or play time. My foster parents tell me thank you for not having any accidents and always letting them know when I need to go outside. I look forward to meeting my human and in the meantime will continue preparing myself for when I find you!